Since 1996, Hi Cam has been involved in the field of UAVs, operating a range of platforms, advising clients, and supplying video solutions.

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are enjoying an explosion of interest and investment.
They range from toy planes with cameras, to multi-million dollar satellite-guided flying robots.


In 2001, Hi Cam released the world's first 4.8V CCD-based high-power micro video system designed specifically for aerial applications.

It was called the Micro 100, and was followed by the Pro 100. We drew on our years of experience with these products to develop the highly successful Pro X2 in 2005, which has now evolved into the new MV500, shown at right.

Hi Cam systems have been operating in 30 countries, operating on blimps, helicopters, planes, rockets, gliders, balloons, kites, live birds, and research UAVs around the world.

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Color CCD cameras at bargain prices!
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Improve reception and get rid of flashes caused by signal reflections. The YellowJacket uses dual receivers and chooses the best picture every frame. Amazing results! See photo at left.
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Congratulations to Mueller College for twice winning the $10,000 for this annual event. They used a Hi Cam system to win both the 2007 and 2008 Airborne Delivery Challenges.


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dot MV500 - Now Shipping !


The new MV500, shown above, is the latest 2.4GHz video transmitter from Hi Cam.

  • Tiny size, yet powerful 500mW
  • Strong, thick-walled casing
  • Built-in JR sockets for reliability
  • Takes ordinary 4.8V batteries
  • Converter available for LiPos
  • Our cameras & mics plug straight in
  • They receive power automatically
  • RCA adaptor for any other cameras
  • Get a live preview from your digicam
  • Optional DuoCAM: switch 2 cameras
  • Optional tiny mic with wind sock
  • Compatible with Diversity receiver
  • Interchangeable antenna
  • Channel switch at rear
  • Reliability backed by 1 year warranty

The basic kit includes the MV500 transmitter, antenna for transmitter, receiver, high gain 8dBi patch antenna, a/v cable, and 12V transformer for the receiver, instruction manual and 1 year warranty. Price is $395.
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Note: This transmitter is not recommended if your remote control is 2.4GHz, due to insterference issues. Otherwise, it's a good choice, and compared to 5.8GHz transmitters, will give you more range and better penetration of light obstacles like leaves.

PDF  MV500 brochure


Hi Cam developed the two video systems installed in the Queen's Baton, shown at left.

At Buckingham Palace on 14 March 2005, in front of a giant screen to show live video from the baton, the Queen handed the baton to Elle Macpherson and Cathy Freeman, the first of thousands of runners to carry the baton around the world. Click to see photo.

It reached Melbourne on 15 March 2006 for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.
Here it was handed to the Queen, with an estimated viewing audience of 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Video of PM's comments:  baton.mpg

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